4 Colors Online

4 Colors Online

4 Colors Online is an online card game where you can play against or against other players. This is a simple color matching game and numbers that will give you hours of fun. Take this great card game with you everywhere and play against others in intense online battles! The layout is simple and the controls are easy to use. The cards must be carefully selected during each movement. Make sure you also check that you can pass them perfectly. Get useful lines to match cards of the same color to get rid of them.

This simple color and number matching game will provide hours of fun, and this new browser and mobile-based version offers UNO a whole new ease of life! A very fun card game based on the popular UNO game. Face up to 3 computer-controlled opponents. Remember to press 1 when only one card remains. It would be quite exciting to play against one, two or three virtual opponents and have fun.

Cards must be carefully selected during each move. 4 Color PGS, known as a great html5 game, offers great graphics and easy control.

Game controls:

Left click to play

Have fun!