Parkour Block 4

Parkour Block 4

Parkour Block 4 New speed mode! Have you ever tried playing a skill game?

Classic mode from your favorite games in the browser on your computer and phone! More levels, more mechanics and new hardcore mode are waiting for youParkour Block 4 is a game with pixel look and unique simulation.

This pixel game, where you have to move fast and balanced on the blocks on the track, requires a lot of skill. In order not to fall on the floor made of lava, you need to be able to stay balanced on the blocks. Calculate the distance well. Adjust your speed and jump. If you fall off the block, the game starts over. At the end of the chapter, the door of the next chapter greets you. Your goal is to reach that door without falling from the blocks. Once you get used to the pace of the game, you will want to finish the whole game. Start trying Parkour Block 4, which comes with more levels and much more challenging tracks.

Parkour Block 4, the most played game of Minecraft, opens a different window in the pixel world. Join this experience if you like Roblox games!

Have Fun!

Game Controls:

Desktop: • SPACE - jump • WASD - move • L. SHIFT - running • Double Escape - Menu Mobile: * Touch