Ragdoll Gangs

Ragdoll Gangs

This free game mode is only played as single player.In Arena game mode, you can play the game either single or two player. In single player game mode, you fight against a CPU character and this fight is a little hard. In two player game mode, you can fight against a friend on your local computer. The one who scores three first wins the game!

Have Fun !

Game Controls

Player 1:

Move: "W,A,S,D"

Pick/Throw/Activate: "C"

Punch: "V"

Kick: "B"

Run: "L-SHIFT"

Player 2:


Pick/Throw/Activate: "I"

Punch: "O"

Kick: "P"

Run: "R-SHIFT"

Lock/Unlock cursor: "L"

Pause: "P"