Auto Rickshaw Simulator

Auto Rickshaw Simulator

Auto Rickshaw Simulator: Are You Ready For a Realistic City Adventure?

Auto Rickshaw Simulator is an exciting and challenging game that allows you to sit in the driver's seat of a traditional Auto Rickshaw. Your task is to pick up passengers from various locations in 10 exciting levels in a bustling city and get them safely to their destination through a maze of traffic, obstacles and time constraints.

Game Features:

Realistic City Environment: Drive your Auto Rickshaw around the city and demonstrate your mastery of complex traffic. Enjoy the impressive graphics while exploring different locations in the city.

Challenging Tasks: Use your strategy to pick up different passengers in each level and drop them off on time and safely. Improve your driving skills to cope with the difficulties in traffic.

Auto Rickshaw Upgrades: Upgrade your Auto Rickshaw by earning money with each successful drop. Travel around the city with a faster, more durable and more functional vehicle.

Addictive Gameplay: Auto Rickshaw Simulator offers an addictive gameplay that immerses you in a realistic city adventure. It offers both a fun and challenging experience.

Take an unforgettable journey through the bustling streets of the city with Auto Rickshaw Simulator. Upgrade your auto rickshaw by earning money and compete to become the best driver in the city. Play for free and enjoy this realistic simulation!

Have Fun!

Game Controls:


Brake: SPACE