Fruit Doctor

Fruit Doctor

Welcome to the Fruit Doctor!

Fruit Doctor offers a unique experience where you find solutions to the ailments of fruits and vegetables in a fun and creative game world. As a food doctor, help fruits and vegetables with the examinations they need. Show off your skills by helping eggplants give birth, sewing on bananas or booing on apples!


Fun and Creative Gameplay: Treat different fruit and vegetable ailments in each level with colorful and funny scenarios.

Various Diseases and Treatments: Each fruit and vegetable has its own unique health problems. Encounter interesting treatments such as eggplants giving birth, bananas being stitched up and more.

Improve Your Medical Skills: Each new level will help you improve your medical skills. Move forward by solving more complex and challenging ailments.

Eye-catching Graphics and Fun Animations: Experience a visually satisfying experience in levels decorated with bright colors and fun animations.

Educational and Fun: This game is full of educational content for children, but also fun and interesting for adults.

Enjoy being a doctor in the world of fruits and vegetables with Fruit Doctor. Download now and join this funny and colorful adventure!

Have Fun!

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