BFF Math Class

BFF Math Class

BFF Math Class: Style and Intelligence Decouple!

It's time for your BFF daughter to go to math class! Help her in the best way - pack the bag and create a perfect look. Make your daughter the most stylish student in school by choosing from a wide range of hairstyles, Deckwear and accessories.

Game Features:

Become a Fashion Stylist: Create her style by choosing the most fashionable and cool clothes for your daughter.

Bag Preparation: Prepare a bag full of math books, notebooks and pencils to ensure that he is ready for classes.

Intelligence Exercises: Help your daughter finish all math exercises and support her academic success.

What is the BFF Math Class?

BFF Math Class is a fun game that combines both style and intelligence skills Decently. Players make their daughters the star of the school by using the best fashion options, while at the same time helping them improve their math skills. The game gives your daughter the opportunity to be ready in the best possible way, both from the outside and from the inside.

Help your daughter go to math class and get the chance to both create her style and support her in academic success!

Fashion and intelligence Decouple with BFF Math Class! Start playing now and contribute to the success of your BFF.

Have Fun!

Game Controls: