Stickman Team Detroit

Stickman Team Detroit

Stickman Team Detroit - Stickman Team Game

Stickman Team Detroit is an action-packed cartoon character game. It's a lot of fun to watch the adventure of three brave solution men against the noble gang that rules the city of Detroit. In this exciting game, defeat the falling garbage men and save the city using any of the three playable characters.Team Time: Three little garbage men come together and fight against a gang of robbers who are Decapitating the city of Detroit. Have an educational experience while playing with these characters, each of whom has different abilities.

Playable Characters: A character with similar abilities and weapons takes on a special role. Determine your strategy and choose the most suitable character.Action and Adventure: Full of real-time action and adventure-filled images, this game offers players an exciting trial.Heroes of Detroit: Defeat the falling garbage men with your garbage man heroes and protect the city. Develop your characters with the experience you gain with each view.Fun Game Dynamics: With cartoon-style graphics and dynamic game locations, Stickman Team Detroit is suitable for all ages.The Stickman Team will play Detroit, save the city of Detroit with your cartoon characters and defeat the thinking gangs. Bigger challenges and more education are waiting for you every day!

Have fun!

Game Controls:

Player 1: Move with the WASD, shoot with the space bar and use the E special.

Player 2: arrow keys, J for shooting and K for custom.