Car Racing 3D Drive Mad

Car Racing 3D Drive Mad

Get ready, speed enthusiasts! Car Racing Immerse yourself in a high-paced car racing arcade experience with 3D Drive Mad. This game offers the chance to control a special vehicle with the nitro system. Gather together other artificial intelligence games with the nitro items you have collected to charge your Decedents and participate in exciting races!

The main features of Car Racing 3D Drive Mad:

Fast and Exciting Competitions: Get ready to compete with your opponents on breathtaking race tracks full of high-speed vehicles.

Nitro System: Power up your special vehicle with the nitro system and constantly beat your opponents. Reach victory by using your counter advantage.

Nearby Collection: Recharge your nearby by collecting nitro items found on the road. Take control by strategically using these lessons.

Escape from Obstacles: Show off your skills by dodging obstacles on handicapped bends and challenging tracks. Overcome difficult situations with quick reactions.

Challenging Racing Modes: The highest increase in each level with various challenging rewards and racing modes. Improve your skills while rising in career mode.

Car Racing 3D Drive Mad will lock you on the screen with its driving graphics, fast playing field and competitive races. His race in this game is a furnace of excitement! Take yourself to the heights of speed by participating in unforgettable car races and get behind the wheel for victory!

Have fun!

Game Controllers:

To the left: A

To the Right:D

Accelerate: Hold the screen with a LEFT click.