DOP2 Jailbreak

DOP2 Jailbreak

DOP2: Jailbreak - The Escape Game is about a mysterious theft case. The diamonds were stolen and the details were deleted. However, it is your duty to solve the inner face of the incident and help Stickman to escape from the police! In this fun puzzle game, you have to help Stickman escape by wiping the pieces. Will you use your intelligence to complete tasks?

Kidnap Stickman from the Police: Players must complete mysterious missions to help Stickman escape from the chase. It is up to you to solve the incident, the details of which have been deleted, and help him.

Puzzles and Tasks: The game offers a variety of puzzles and tasks that require you to test your intelligence and logic skills. By successfully completing each mission, you can advance Stickman in his escape.

Humor and Surprises: The game is full of humorous moments that will make you smile and laugh. Unexpected surprises and funny anecdotes add color to the game.

Various Missions: You will encounter various missions with different difficulty levels. You must progress in the escape of the Garbage Man by thinking intelligently, creating logical solutions.

DOP2: Jailbreak - Escape Game offers an experience that will entertain you with its gameplay and exercise your intelligence. Help them escape from the police by joining the adventure of the Garbage Man and his girlfriend! The game appeals to both puzzle enthusiasts and those who are looking for games full of humor.

Have fun!

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