Egg Challenge

Egg Challenge

Egg Challenge: A Fun Egg Throwing Game

3, 2, 1 and start! Prepare yourself for a fun challenge with the "Egg Challenge". This game offers an enjoyable experience with 1, 2 or 3 players. The rules are quite simple: just press the button and throw the eggs into the basket.

Single Player Mode: Race against Time!

In the single-player mode, set yourself a time limit and try to reach the goal of throwing 10 eggs into the basket within the time limit of your choice. Think fast, act fast and get high scores!

2 and 3-Player Modes: Leave Your Opponents Behind!

in 2 and 3-player modes, be the player who beats all your opponents and throws the first 10 eggs into the basket. Put out your competitive spirit and challenge your friends. Who is faster, who is more skilful?

Egg Challenge is a Decadent egg throwing game that combines fun and competition. This game will allow you to have enjoyable moments and will allow you to organize unforgettable competitions with your friends. Join the game now and show off your ability to throw eggs into the basket!

Have Fun!

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