Fun Obby Extreme

Fun Obby Extreme

Are you ready for an exciting gaming experience? Fun Obby Extreme offers you fun and adventure with a 3D parkour type game. It's up to you to help little Obby jump between platforms and reach his goal in each level! Dec.

In this expanding city, you will encounter new challenges and obstacles at every level. Jump from platforms, overcome obstacles and show off all your skills to reach your goal. As you complete each level, more complex tracks and exciting new chapters will be waiting for you.

In Fun Obby Extreme, you will not only improve your track skills, but also be able to customize your character by locking new equipment. Personalize your gaming experience even more with equipment that reflects your own style.

Explore fun trails, level up and unlock new equipment. While doing all this, improve your track skills and enjoy Fun Obby Extreme!

Have Fun!

Game Controls:

Move: WASD or ARROW keys


Look around: MOUSE