Gun War Z1

Gun War Z1

Gun War Z1: Fight the Zombie Apocalypse!

The world is facing a deadly virus epidemic! Equip your weapons to survive the zombie apocalypse and save people with Gun War Z1. This action-packed game puts you in the middle of a zombie invasion, testing your strategy and courage.

Game Features:

Zombie Invasion: A virus spreading across the world is turning people into deadly zombies. Your task is to clean up and save people by fighting against the zombie invasion.

Various Missions and Regions: The game, filled with various missions with different difficulty levels, allows you to test your skills by taking you to different regions.

Action-Packed Battles: Equipped with high-quality graphics and realistic sound effects, Gun War Z1 invites you to impressive action-packed battles. Combine strategy and speed to prevail against your enemies Dec.

Multiple Weapon Options: Get the advantage against zombie attack by using different weapons in the game. Get the upper hand against the zombies by choosing from sniper rifles, machine guns and more. Dec.

Equipment and Upgrades: Upgrade your equipment and weapons using the resources you have obtained in the game. Choose strategic upgrades to survive.

Have fun!

Game Controls:

MOUSE and LEFT click