Healing Driver

Healing Driver

Healing Driver: Act Like a Real Doctor and Save Lives!

Take on the role of a real doctor with Healing Driver and experience the excitement of hospital simulation! Place patients, provide care according to their symptoms, and go to the accident scene to find new patients. Help everyone by doing your best and become a real hero.

Game Features:

Doctor Role: Act like a real doctor in "Healing Driver". Respond to the needs of patients and treat them.

Place the Patients: Go to the scene of the accident and transport the patients safely to the hospital. Be quick and careful, every second is important.

Provide Care According to the Symptoms: Provide appropriate care according to the symptoms and needs of patients. Save lives with the right diagnosis and treatment.

Hospital Management: Improve your hospital and improve facilities to be able to treat more patients.

Realistic Graphics: Make your gaming experience even more special with vivid graphics and realistic hospital environment.

How To Play:

When you start the game, pick up the patients from the accident scene and bring them to the hospital.

Assess the symptoms of patients and make the correct diagnosis. Then heal the patients by applying the appropriate treatment.

Manage your hospital and become able to accept more patients by improving the facilities.

Act like a real doctor with Healing Driver, treat patients and save lives. Start your journey to become a real hero in this exciting hospital simulation now!

Have Fun!

Game Controls: