Highschool Mean Girls 2

Highschool Mean Girls 2

High School Mean Girls 2 - The High School Fashion Contest Is Starting!

The bad girls are back and this time they are bigger, brighter and worse! Participate in a high school fashion contest with "Highschool Mean Girls 2" and watch two best friends (BFFs) coast through the fashion world. In this online dress-up game, help our girls on the first day of school and shape their styles.

Game Features:

Take part in a fashion contest between two groups: Supermodels and Singers. Dec.

Unlimited combinations with hundreds of different clothing, accessories and makeup options.

Customize your girls and turn them into fashion icons.

Spend an educational and creative time while creating your high school style.

Decelerating competition for special images and surprises between girls.

Discover how bad the fashion world can be and see who will win the victory!

Which group will win in the high school fashion competition? Supermodels or singers? In this awesome game, you are just one click away from turning your bffs into the stars of the fashion world. This game offers you a trial full of fashion, competition and education.

Join the Competition to Become the King of Games and Fashion Now!

Have fun!

Game Controls: