Mini Obby War Game

Mini Obby War Game

Mini Obby War Game is a 3D game set in a Roblox environment that offers an exciting action trial. This game puts you in an endless chat environment to attract you, manages your character and requires you to fight bravely.

The game is more unique than ten and is full of difficult joy, it will make it even harder that you love it and increase the best of the adventure. If the waves of thought unions see you, be careful, because they will shoot you! Keep running and aim at all the enemies, shoot, do everything to survive!As you defeat enemies, you will gain parallels that can be used in the game. These parallels can be used to unlock additional characters, and each of them has similar characteristics, giving a size advantage. Oct.

The Mini Obby War Game is a great choice for anyone who is looking for an action-packed Roblox experiment. Start playing now and prove your courage!

Have fun!

Game Controls:

Move: WASD or ARROW keys



Fire: LEFT click

Purpose: RIGHT click