Obby Flip

Obby Flip

Obby Flip: A Bedroom Adventure Full of Speed, Skill and Fun!

Controlling your body with Obby Flip will be like a rag doll, tumble, tumble, get ready for a mind-filled adventure to get to your bed! This fun game aims to jump over all the obstacles in your house and reach the bedroom by flying. However, be careful, because touching the ground can cause you to lose points!

Highlights of Obby Flip:

Quick and Fun Controls: Lose control over Obby's body and make your way to the bedroom by doing somersaults, overcoming obstacles.

Challenging Obstacles: Each level is full of new and exciting obstacles. Overcome the most challenging situations using your skill and speed.

Eye-catching Graphics: Decorated with colorful and vivid graphics, Obby Flip will draw you into the game.

Obby Flip is an ideal game for competing with friends, achieving high scores on leaderboards and having a fun time. Come on, lose control of Obby and get to the bedroom as fast as possible!Remember: be careful, do not touch the ground and get the highest score! Are you ready for a fun race with Obby Flip?

Have Fun!

Game Controls:        

Left click