Parkour World

Parkour World

Game Name: Parkour World - Minecraft inspirational Parkour Game

The "World of Parkour" has been created for parkour enthusiasts and welcome! This game is designed to be inspired by Minecraft and has been developed to offer a similar experiment in likes. His love offers an excitement and freshness the size of which you have never experienced before. The initial lovers may seem relatively simple, but the hard love of the next game increases, leaving you facing increasingly complex and exciting obstacles.This game will test and improve your parkour skills, you need to take your running and jumping skills to the highest level. Showcase your skills to overcome platforms, overcome obstacles and conquer the World of Parkour.

Title Features of the Game:

Minecraft-inspired graphics and world design.

It includes the distinctive and exciting trail elements that he loves.

The initial rewards are accessible and educational for new players, while the next one becomes more difficult.

Fast-paced gameplay and track challenges that require hills.

Have fun while improving your parkour skills and reach high places in the competitive score table.

Parkour enthusiasts, with this game you will challenge yourself and show your courage to conquer the World of Parkour. Get ready to run, the Parkour World is waiting for you!

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Have fun!

Game Controls:

Move: WASD or ARROW keys


Look around: MOUSE

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