Poppy Playtime 3

Poppy Playtime 3

Poppy PlayTime 3 is an exciting online game based on the famous Poppy Playtime character. In this new game for free, you will step into a world full of fear and reality. This game where you can choose between two different sections, one of Dec has its own goal and maps.

In the first episode, you will find yourself stranded in a deserted mansion. You need to be smart to collect the keys to your room and open the locks. However, be careful, because you will have limited time to escape before the terrible Poppy and her friend find you. Take action quickly and escape from this dark and connected environment.

Poppy PlayTime 3 invites you to a tense adventure. Test your skills by escaping from terrible enemies, solving challenging puzzles and reaching your goal in limited time. Are you ready? Then gather your courage to fight against Poppy and her friends and fight to survive in this dark world!

Have fun!

Game Controls:

WASD to move

Mouse to move the camera

F interact with

ESC for the menu