Raft Life

Raft Life

Raft Life: Build Your Own Island Kingdom and Survive!

Surviving on a Tuesday raft alone in the middle of the sea is a challenging task, but for you this is just the beginning! Build your own island with "Raft Life" and show off your amazing craft and survival skills. Cutting trees, expanding your Tuesday, catching fish, growing fruits and vegetables... It's up to you to do it all! But remember, the sharks want to play games with you.

Features of The Game:

The Art of Survival: Surviving at sea has never been so fun. Use natural resources to meet your basic needs and improve yourself.

Craft and Build Skills: Make your Tue more durable and develop the craft skills necessary to expand your island. Fun and creative building options are waiting for you.

Fishing and Agriculture: Assess the abundance in the sea. Catch fish, grow fruits and vegetables. Improve your farming and hunting skills to be self-sufficient.

Dangerous Creatures: Sharks and other sea monsters are waiting for you. Be careful and keep your Tue safe, otherwise you could be a delicious dinner!

Explore and Improve: Explore unknown islands, discover different resources and constantly improve your Tue. Solve the secrets of the sea and create your strategy for survival.

Build Your Own Island Kingdom!

Build your own island kingdom with Rafting Life and demonstrate your sea survival skills. Use your creativity and start your adventure in the sea while fighting with nature in this immersive survival game. Download it right now and join the world of Raft Life!

Have Fun!

Game Controls: