Retro Street Fighter

Retro Street Fighter

Retro Street Fighter: A Journey Through Time, A Return to Nostalgia!

Retro Street Fighter offers a unique experience that will take those who crave side-scrolling fighting games on a journey through time. This game brings nostalgia to life with its classic look and 2D pixel art. By fighting on multiple levels, you will encounter different enemies and demonstrate your skills.

Classic Appearance and Pixel Art: Retro Street Fighter stands out with 2D pixel art that reflects the atmosphere of classic fighting games. It offers a visual feast that will satisfy your craving for old-school fighting games.

Various Enemies and Levels: Encounter various enemies by fighting in various levels with different difficulty levels. Each level presents a new challenge for you to improve your skills and adjust your strategies.

Seven Difficulty Levels: Customize your game and choose your difficulty level. There is a difficulty level for everyone from beginners to experienced martial artists.

Various Moves and Attacks: Punches, kicks, blocks and more! Develop strategies to defeat your opponents with various fighting moves that you can use in Retro Street Fighter.

Dangerous Enemies: Be careful, some enemies are challenging and dangerous. Each opponent has his own unique fighting style, which makes every moment of the game exciting and unexpected.

Announce your name on the leaderboard by experiencing a return to nostalgia.Take a trip back in time with Retro Street Fighter, rediscover nostalgia and showcase your fighting skills!

Have Fun!

Game Controls:

Move: WASD

Attack: J,K,L,I