Save Her Tour

Save Her Tour

Save Her Tour: Use Your Wits and Save the Girl!

Experience the most complex and relaxing puzzle game with Save Her Tour! Only the smartest ones can save the girl by passing these intelligence tests. At each level, you will be faced with a unique scenario that you need to solve using your creativity. If you fail, our hero will have a bad end. Many different and interesting challenges are waiting for you. This will be the best puzzle game you have ever played!

Challenging Puzzles: Hundreds of levels that will test your intelligence and require you to use your creativity.

Exciting Story: Save the girl with every right move and become a hero.

Complex Scenarios: Solve different and challenging scenarios for each level.

Fun and Relaxing: Have a game experience that is both mind-opening and enjoyable.

Tasks That Require Creativity: Create creative solutions to overcome every challenge.

Save Her Tour is an excellent choice for those who like brainteasers and puzzles. Solve interesting puzzles, protect the girl from harm and experience the excitement of success. Download it now and have the best puzzle game experience!

Have fun!

Game Controls        

Left click