Zoocraft is the perfect game for animal lovers! This game, which gives you the opportunity to create your own zoo, will transport you to a magnificent world of animals of various species. It offers an exciting opportunity to tame animals, improve your skills, build aviaries and go on an unforgettable journey to different corners of the world!

At the beginning of the game, you are given an empty village meadow and it is up to you to turn this meadow into your zoo. You can embark on the journey of animal domestication by housing different species of animals in attractive, impressive and livable environments. By building aviaries, make efforts to recreate the natural habitats of animals and ensure that animals live happily and healthily.

Zoocraft offers the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world. Explore the natural habitats of animals by navigating a wide geography ranging from hot deserts to cold Antarctica. Scroll through the world map to find exotic animal species and collect rare and unique animals. Each new region offers an adventure involving unique landscapes and different animals.

In Zoocraft, you can complete various tasks to improve your skills and take your zoo even further. Feed your animals, clean them, meet their joys and needs, and build trust and bond by interacting with them. It is important to ensure that your animals are happy, attract more visitors and grow your zoo.

"Zoocraft" offers you an addictive experience with its amazing graphics, gameplay and immersive story. Try this game for the excitement of creating your own zoo, the adventure of taming animals and the opportunity to explore the world!

Have Fun!

Game Controls:

Left Click